Upgrading Your Bathroom Lighting With LED Fixtures

Bathroom lighting can be transformed with LED light fixtures. Image courtesy of Kichler. http://www.kichler.com/
Bathroom lighting can be transformed with LED light fixtures. Image courtesy of Kichler. http://www.kichler.com/

The bathroom is one of the essential areas of your home that requires perfect lighting. The lighting in your bathroom is typically the source that allows you to catch any imperfections before you leave your home.

It is important to utilize natural and artificial lighting in your bathroom. The brighter the space, the less likely you are to leave your home with a stain on your shirt or another flaw you wouldn't notice in a dimly lit area.

Homeowners Moving Towards LED
One of the newest trends in lighting is LED-inspired lighting fixtures. While LED light bulbs are here to stay, many home designers are using LED fixtures to create a unique setting in your bathroom and you can do the same.

For bathrooms, you typically want a mixture or all three major lighting sources: task, ambient and accent lighting. Task lighting is critical for bathroom mirrors to see close up when completing detail-oriented tasks such as applying makeup or shaving.

LED Accent Lighting
Ambient lighting is critical to giving your room a general lighting source, but it shouldn't be the only one. Accent lighting creates custom features in your bathroom unlike anything else.

LED bath bars are a great way to personalize your bathroom with accent lighting. To get the most elegant lighting to wash into the colors of your wall, many home designers recommend using wall sconces. These modest fixtures will allow the light to wash smoothly over your walls and give an exquisite look to your bathroom.

Additionally, some designers use mini LED light pendants behind bathroom mirrors to give a glow around a specific item. This accent lighting gives almost a futuristic ambiance, but choosing this style will definitely make your bathroom unique.

LED Ambient Lighting
To give your bathroom a warm but bright glow throughout, place LED strip lights across the entire side of the wall to create a perfect and modern illumination for your entire bathroom. With LED strip lights, you can be extremely creative, as they can be hidden or placed in unique areas to increase the possibilities for where you want the main light source in your bathroom.

Light strips can run along bathroom sinks or underneath sink fixtures to create a warm bottom glow. Also, LED lighting for your bathroom can be dimmed, which makes it the perfect ambient light source because you can set the mood for a relaxing bath or brighten up your space to get ready for work in the morning.

LED Task Lighting
To catch every last detail before you leave your bathroom, you need proper task lighting. Many people are used to a few bright bulbs over a bathroom mirror to be their source of task lighting, but new LED options can give you more creative options. LED task lighting fixtures can surround your vanity mirror instead of just running along the top.

Some homeowners have discovered the absolutely stunning color LED task lighting options that will have guests wanting to take pictures of your bathroom. Color LED task lighting can run along sink fixtures or the vanity mirror to not only highlight your bathroom, but also to give a funky color-changing experience to fit any mood.

With LED light fixtures in your bathroom, there are numerous ways to create a luxurious and breathtaking experience for yourself and guests. However, with a bathroom, your number one goals should be functionality, so focus on finding a way to incorporate all three sources of light.

Visit your local ALA showroom or go online to americanlightingassoc.com to learn more about how LED lighting can transform your bathroom.

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