Tips on Conserving Energy

Conserve energy in your home with lighting that's both beautiful and functional. Photo by Feiss,
Conserve energy in your home with lighting that's both beautiful and functional. Photo by Feiss,

By Bryn Huntpalmer, Modernize

For the American family, it seems that household expenses are increasing more quickly than ever. Managing a home, and the financial responsibilities that come along with that, is a burden for many households.

Forget about home improvements, decor, or renovations—paying the mortgage, or keeping up with rising electricity, heating, and cooling bills are big enough expenses on their own. In fact, maintaining the utilities in the home is the third biggest expense American households face, only surpassed by paying the mortgage or rent and paying into social security or a pension.

Conserving energy is one way we maintain some control over the expenses that come along with living in a home. At Modernize, we get excited about any change households can make towards a more energy efficient life. In this article we take a look at ways any family can save money on their home lighting expenses.

Switch to ENERGY STAR® Lighting Fixtures

Choose ENERGY STAR® compliant lighting fixtures to light your home. Whether it is a kitchen ceiling light or the lamp in your living room, making the change can save you as much as $60 on lighting costs each year. While you’re at it, install an ENERGY STAR® qualifying ceiling fan in heavy traffic areas of the home. These fans allow you to light your home with minimal energy consumption and keep your home comfortable during seasons of extreme temperatures without overusing your HVAC system.

Change Your Bulbs

When you make the switch from conventional incandescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs, the bulb can last as much as 40 times longer before needing to be replaced. For some homeowners, cutting back on light bulb expenses may seem insignificant when compared to monthly utility costs, but when money is tight every penny counts. Changing to LEDs is also good for the environment, because these light bulbs are capable of producing the same amount of light as conventional bulbs while using significantly less energy.

Install Dimmers

Dimmers are a great option for any home, because they allow easy adjusting of light levels without completely turning off the lights. Adjusting light levels isn’t just about changing the mood in the house—it also provides a way to control the amount of energy your light fixtures use.

Using Timers to Schedule Your Lights

When you have a lot on your plate, or if other members of your household are not conscientious about conserving energy, it can be difficult to make sure every light in your home is off when not in use. A timer allows homeowners to schedule lights to turn off when no one is home, producing significant utility savings over the long term.

When it comes to living a greener lifestyle in our home and saving money on utility expenses, it is really the small, everyday choices that make a difference. By simply turning off lights when they are not in use and following energy conservation tips listed above, households can save as much as 10 to 15 percent on lighting related energy costs each year.

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