The Importance of Lighting in Your Nursery

Lighting your nursery is an important step to getting your child used to the dark.
Lighting your nursery is an important step to getting your child used to the dark.

If you just had a child or are expecting one soon, you might already be knee-deep in nursery room decoration. While choosing a crib, stuffed animals, a baby-changing station or toys are all important, so is the lighting that will illuminate your child's room.

Use Flexible Lighting
For young ones, sleep time is often throughout the middle of the day. Therefore, while you want to make sure you're able to provide as much natural light as possible, at the same time, you need to be able to easily block it off during naps.

You want to ensure you're not overdoing it while creating a comfortable daytime napping space. Invest in blinds that allow some light to come through or install a dimming light fixture to easily create a tranquil space for your baby to rest. This will allow you to easily poke your head in to check in on your child during naps without disturbing his or her rest.

Safety is Key
At the same time, you don't want any lamps or light fixtures near your child's crib, as they can create a serious choking hazard. Overhead ambient lighting will create a comfortable sleeping space for your child and provide some extra light at night while you're with your baby.

Rocking chairs are helpful when it comes time to put your child to sleep. However, you can keep this space multifunctional for story time or other activities by investing in a floor lamp. Place the lamp in the corner, a safe distance away from the crib to create the appropriate task lighting to read at night.

Use a Night light
While night lights are often believed to be for young children afraid of the dark, this type of lighting can help even a baby feel safe throughout the night. A room that's too dark could scare a child, and a night light will provide a soft glow across the room. This will also prevent you from tripping on toys when you walk in to check on your child.

Layer Soft Lights
Lights in a nursery should not be too bright because they will shine down into your baby's eyes. Instead, try your best to layer soft lights with a balance of ceiling and accent lights to create the perfect ambience in your child's room without too much brightness or glare. The way you light your baby's room can help him or her get used to the darkness with softer lights.

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