The Benefits of Sensor Lights

Sensor lights make reaching for a switch a thing of the past.
Sensor lights make reaching for a switch a thing of the past.

Considering sensor lighting fixtures for your home? The benefits can add up quickly.

Energy-Efficient Lighting Design
Perhaps the greatest benefit of making sensor lights part of your lighting design is cutting down on wasteful energy expenditure. Since sensor lights will only illuminate when someone is moving in the vicinity, you don't have to worry about forgetting to turn a light off when leaving a room.

This can end up saving you money on your monthly power bill, not to mention helping the environment through reduced energy usage.

Lost in the Dark?
Nearly everyone has found themselves entering a darkened room and stumbling around in the shadows trying to find the light switch. The days of falling over furniture and banging your shins against coffee tables can be over through the use of sensor lights.

Simply enter an area of your home and voila, you can count on full illumination. This can be an especially helpful design consideration for small children, elderly house members and those contending with disabilities.

Visit your local ALA showroom or go online to to find out more about sensor lighting options for your home.

Types of Lighting

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