Lighting Your Indoor Plants with Style

Your home's lighting design cannot forget the indoor plants.
Your home's lighting design cannot forget the indoor plants.

No matter the season, indoor plants bring an organic feeling to your home. Putting the outdoors inside is a common home design technique, but many people aren't sure how to adjust their home lighting fixtures around the new greenery.

Most plant owners would believe that natural light should be the primary focus, but you can actually use several artificial light resources to help illuminate your plants. For beginners, you want to focus on the right lighting to make your plants seem like they are in full bloom.

Think Accent Lighting
To help create an earthy atmosphere with your lighting and plants, it's smart to showcase your plants with your light design. A popular way to accentuate your plants is through accent lighting.

This style of light is used to highlight artwork, fireplaces and unique architectural features in your home. There's no reason why you couldn't apply this same style of lighting to your plants.

Accent lighting should be used to create focal points in your home, and if you have a large plant in your living room, the attention could be pushed toward your greenery. Additionally, accent lighting is implemented to create moods. Ensure your lighting sets the right mood with your plants so it's not too bright or dark.

Try Different LEDs
LED light bulbs are unique because they allow you to choose different color schemes more easily. Also, some people worry about placing their plants too close to light fixtures and think light bulbs will burn leaves. However, only incandescent light bulbs generate that much heat, which gives you another reason to switch to LED light bulbs in your house.

LEDs are cool to the touch and will not burn or damage your plants. In fact, the various colors of lights can mesh well with your indoor plants. Depending on the type of mood and overall style of your home, LEDs allow you to have one-of-a-kind options with your home lighting design. LEDs will emphasize both the lighter and bolder colors in your plants.

Avoid Pendant Lights With Plants
Another tip is to stay away from pendant light fixtures with your indoor garden. The direct light from an overhead light can be abrasive-looking and give the appearance your plant is under a sun lamp.

Visit your local ALA showroom or go online to to learn more about home lighting designs.

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