Lighting Your Home Gym or Workout Room

Your home gym needs energetic lighting.  Image courtesy of Armacost Lighting.
Your home gym needs energetic lighting. Image courtesy of Armacost Lighting.

Finding time to fit a workout into a busy schedule can be a difficult task. Home gyms are a perfect investment to make staying active a little bit easier. To help you get in the best shape and to keep your workout area clean, you need proper lighting for the room and your equipment.

Home workout areas are often not as appealing as stepping foot into a multimillion-dollar gym. However, there are a few simple ways to make your space look great and feel more comfortable:

Install LED Light Bulbs
When adding artificial light to your home gym, LED light bulbs are some of the best options available. For starters, LEDs that fall higher on the Kelvin scale, emit light that is more white or blue in tone. Energy is an essential part of a successful workout, and natural light and bright LEDs help to wake you up and get you moving.

Secondly, LEDs actually produce less heat than traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. You don't want to feel like you're under a heat lamp the entire time you're working out, so LEDs are the way to go.

Lastly, LEDs are energy efficient, which will help you save more on electric bills so you can splurge on top-of-the-line exercise equipment.

Add Mirrors
Whether your home gym has a lot or little natural light, mirrors always help spread the light around the room. Specifically in a workout area, you want light to cover the entire room thoroughly. This will help you see and use exercise equipment more safely. Additionally, you will be able to see sweat more clearly on equipment so you can clean and sanitize.

Mirrors spread light effectively for both natural and artificial light, which will create fewer shadows. When your workout station is full of shadows, you can get distracted while working out or possibly trip while on a treadmill.

Don't Be Boring
For your home gym, you want lighting and colors that will energize you and get you excited to work out. The darker and duller colors of your workout space will make it an area of your home you don't want to use, which means less exercising. Instead, get funky and add different color LED light bulbs to complement your workout area. If you want to be more Zen with your room for meditating or yoga, you might want to add some different color lighting to set a soft tone. There are plenty of different options you can choose with your gym, but it's definitely a room you can get creative with.

Add Light Dimmers
When you work out at night or into the evening, the natural light in your workout area could change. To help adjust the artificial lighting to the room, a dimmer switch can help you adjust the light for whatever type of workout you're doing. For more peaceful and calm workouts, you might want to dim your lights a bit. However, for intense exercises that require a lot of energy, you're going to want to provide as much light as possible.

Visit your local ALA showroom or go online to to learn more about all your home gym lighting options.

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