How Exterior Home Lighting Can Increase Security

Lighting your home at night could increase the overall security. Image courtesy of Hubbardton Forge.
Lighting your home at night could increase the overall security. Image courtesy of Hubbardton Forge.

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to leave a light on at night to deter burglars and intruders from your home. However, home security systems are becoming increasingly advanced; now, you can install a sensor outside your home that is wired to alert you via text message when the sensor detects movement. These trends in home automation are leading to smarter houses that can alert you the second someone is wandering around your garage, backyard or front door.

But you don't need the latest technology to make a big impact. Lighting has always been a great way to get criminals to think twice before attempting to break into your home. Exterior lighting outside your garage, front door or your home's pathway can illuminate your property to drive away any suspecting thieves.

Saving on Energy Costs
All-night lighting can help protect your home throughout the evening and into the morning. However, this method can waste a lot of energy and drive up electrical costs. That's why it's important to invest in LED light bulbs to save energy.

LED bulbs are much more efficient than incandescent and compact florescent light bulbs and will not need to be replaced for years, so your home is much less likely to go dark throughout the night.

Other Methods for Secure Lighting
Some homeowners like to use motion sensor lighting. This is a great way to truly save the most on energy consumption, as the lights only come on when you approach your home or when an intruder approaches. Motion lights can frighten trespassers when a light suddenly turns on near your home.

Another way homeowners are increasing their residential security is through digital light timers. Light timers can help reduce energy consumption by turning on at specific times so lights are off when the sun comes up. This will keep your house illuminated whenever it's dark outside and you won't have to wait for a motion sensor to light up when you get home.

Several people like to walk up to their home with the lights already on inside and outside. Home automation light timers can be programmed to turn on before you get home, so you're never greeted by a dark house or entryway. With all these options, brightening up your home can easily be done in an economical and practical way.

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2 thoughts on “How Exterior Home Lighting Can Increase Security

  1. Exterior lighting is very useful for us in these days. It serves as the light to help us find our way at night or at dark places. I am quite curious, what if a pet passes by? Is there a way to configure the lighting like “pet mode”?

  2. Before we installed a security system, we were using a traditional sensor lighting. It’s indeed effective. We lived in a not-so-safe neighborhood and almost all of our neighbors had their own histories of burglaries.

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