Getting Your Home’s Lighting Ready for the Spring

It's important to update your lighting this spring. Image courtesy of Nora Lighting.
It's important to update your lighting this spring. Image courtesy of Nora Lighting.

The majority of Americans are finally witnessing warmer days, which means the springtime is upon us. While many people use this time to clean their homes and start home improvement projects, it's also a critical time to update your lighting sources for the season.

Outdoor Lighting
If your house and yard were covered in blankets of snow this winter, it might be wise to check your outdoor light fixtures to make sure there are no dangerously frayed or ripped wires. If there are any serious damages to your electrical wiring, it's always best to leave it to a professional electrician.

However, if it's simply time to replace your lights, you may want to consider LED light fixtures to save money on energy costs and to reduce replacing burnt out bulbs. LED light bulbs can last decades, while incandescent bulbs last a fraction of that time.

Three Important Lighting Sources for Your Interior Home
To keep the interior of your home vibrant, try to use layers of light. Accent lighting, a general illuminator and ambiance lighting can work together to create a well-lit spring home. Additionally, springtime means more sunshine, so it's best to work in natural lighting as much as possible.

With temperatures warming up, you want to get the most light out of your windows. Using a floor lamp, track lighting and wall scones all together will balance light throughout your home and allow for flexibility with natural lighting.

Don't Forget Your Light Bulbs for Spring Cleaning
Lastly, light bulbs should be added to your spring cleaning list. If using a traditional incandescent or CFL, make sure your bulb has been turned off for a while so it's cool to the touch. Then, use a lint-free cloth to wipe your light bulbs. You should always be careful when cleaning glass, but having dirty bulbs will make your home darker.

Visit your local ALA showroom or go online to to learn more about all your spring lighting options.

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