Enhance Security with Exterior Lighting Design

Outdoor lighting can enhance security while also adding to exterior design.
Photo courtesy of Philips Hadco.
Outdoor lighting can enhance security while also adding to exterior design.Photo courtesy of Philips Hadco.www.hadco.com/Hadco/home.html

Security is important to most homeowners, but beyond gates and fancy security systems, you may be forgetting how important outdoor lighting design can be.

From Front to Back
A well-lit front entrance not only allows you to properly greet guests, it gives you the illumination you need to identify any visitors to your home.

Having motion sensor lighting fixtures outside your garage can also be a good way to add security to your property while also saving on energy.

Sensor lights can also be a boon for backyards, in addition to low-level path lights and fixtures near flower beds and shrubs. Not only will this reduce dark spots in your yard, it will draw the eye to your garden should you be entertaining in the evening – a win-win come nighttime.

The simple fact is most criminals would prefer to do their deeds in darkness, so the more lighting your home has, the better your chances of deterring wrongdoers. While only one component of a comprehensive home security system, it's important not to underestimate how proper lighting can help to keep you, your loved ones and your home safe.

Visit your local ALA showroom or go online to americanlightingassoc.com to explore different lighting options designed to enhance home security.

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