Energy-Efficient Home Lighting For Night Navigation

Getting to the fridge at night can be a dangerous trip without the right lighting. Image courtesy of Armacost Lighting.
Getting to the fridge at night can be a dangerous trip without the right lighting. Image courtesy of Armacost Lighting.

When you're trying to get around your house at night for a midnight snack or to use the bathroom, you don't want to disturb anyone else in your home. Some people invest in night lights and put them in their bathrooms and kitchens so they can easily navigate the home, but simple night lights are not practical and don't give you enough lighting.

This can cause a lot of stubbed toes and a woken-up house. If you have stairs, it could be even more dangerous getting down them safely. However, installing LED dimmable lighting fixtures can give you just the right amount of accent lighting to safely get where you're going through your pitch black house.

Save Money With Energy-Efficient LED Bulbs
Additionally, night lights that aren't LED use a lot of energy, which can add to your electricity bill when kept on every night. LEDs use a lot less energy and installing dimmable LED fixtures, which slowly adjust the light in the room can save a bundle on your electricity bill.

Controlling the light gives you the option to illuminate the room just enough to see what you are doing. Dimmable lights are perfect at night for those who need to go to the kitchen to grab a snack or a glass of water. Additionally, in smaller spaces like bathrooms, you may not want to turn on a bright light that will hurt your eyes and make it hard to go back to sleep. Using LED light dimmers will help you save money by cutting your energy usage and it gives you control of the total amount of light you need.

Helping Your Guests
If you have guests, it's especially nice to provide lighting options that will help them navigate through your home. Stairway lighting and undercabinet lighting are subtle ways to help guests in your home see where they are going.

With standard lights, they might feel the need to turn on a light, which could wake up others in your home. Some guests might not want to risk waking anyone else up in the house and keep themselves in their room. Make guests feel welcome to roam safely at any time by using dimmable LED lighting fixtures.

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