Don’t Let Hallway Lighting Fall by the Wayside

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A dim hallway can be hazardous and visually unappealing. Photo courtesy of Hubbardton Forge.

Hallways are one area of the home that often get short shrift. But when you really think about it, hallways deserve just as much attention to lighting design, if not more, than other spaces. After all, it's your hallways that connect the different parts of your home, and whether you realize it or not, you and your guests are constantly walking them up and down.

Avoiding Hallway Hazards
Your first concern should be making sure your hallway is illuminated enough to prevent trips and falls. If you have furniture in your hallway, such as a small table with a vase on top, the right lighting fixtures will prevent you or a guest from bumping into it and making a mess.

Highlighting Your Hallway
Hallways can also be the ideal area in which to invest in accent lighting. Families often adorn hallway walls with family photos and artwork, so why not show off these pieces with some carefully planned track lighting or wall-mounted picture lights?

Visit your local ALA showroom or to find out how you can update your hallway's lighting design to suit your home.

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