Choosing the Best Entryway Light Fixture for Your Home

Creating the most welcoming entryway starts with your ceiling light fixture. Image courtesy of Hudson Valley.
Creating the most welcoming entryway starts with your ceiling light fixture. Image courtesy of Hudson Valley.

Creating an impression of your home starts the second your guests walk through your front door. We all know after a long day's work, nothing is more inviting than opening your front door, throwing your keys in bowl on a side table and flicking on the lights. To make sure you and your guests are being greeted by the best lighting, your entryway light fixture needs to appropriately fit your space.

Working with What You've Got
There are numerous sizes of entryways and to get sufficient and welcoming lighting, you need to work with what you've got. If you're dealing with a larger entryway area (8, 10 feet or higher), Light Visions recommends using a wider ceiling-mounted light fixture.

The width of your lighting fixture is an important aspect to consider in balancing larger entryways, because the higher the light, the more ground it will cover. Narrow light fixtures in large entryways create more of a spotlight illumination, which can be aggressive and uninviting – think of the lighting in any interrogation scene in a movie.

On the other hand, smaller entryways should not have massive fixtures as it will create too much bright light and will be a problem for taller guests entering your home.

Choose the Right Bulb
For entryway lights, ceiling-mounted fixtures and chandeliers, lighting your entryway should not require more than 400 watts, reported. Specifically for entryways, you will likely want to stay closer to 200 watts to light up smaller to medium-sized spaces.

Additionally, if your entryway light fixture has custom LED light bulbs or dim bulbs, great way to create a warm glow in your home is to use layers. Accent lighting to go along with your ceiling fixture is ideal for a luminance that will invite your guests and make you feel at home the second you flip the switch.

Working Without Your Ceiling
Some entryways don't have the luxury of ceiling space for overhead lighting. If this is the case, try to use multiple accent lights that will highlight your entryway. This can be done with a decorative table lamp and a wall accent light. Doing this will take up limited space and make your entryway an ambient area when you walk in your home.

Visit your local ALA showroom or go online to to learn more entryway lighting options.

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