Brighten Your Home’s Counters with LED Under-Cabinet Light Fixtures

Under cabinet light fixtures can add a distinct appeal to your home. Image courtesy of Kichler Lighting
Under cabinet light fixtures can add a distinct appeal to your home. Image courtesy of Kichler Lighting

Your kitchen is one of the main areas you need task lighting in your home. Task lighting helps you see the vegetables you're chopping and whether or not your food is fully cooked in the pan. With limited light, you can burn or undercook food, or miss salt grains left on your counters during cleanup.

Avoid these potential mishaps, by brightening your home's counters with LED under-cabinet light fixtures. Here are some reasons why LED under-cabinet lighting is a great option for any kitchen:

1. Add Ambience
With LED under-cabinet light fixtures, the light tends to glow a much cleaner white in spaces where you typically want to add light or ambience. LED light bulbs are usually a soft white, but with this type of bulb, you have the option to choose multiple different colors and warmth levels. You'll get more ambience with light dimmers as LEDs can be controlled easily to fit your home's needs.

2. Eliminate Pesky Shadows
Countertops are full of shadows since the majority of homes have cabinets above them, which block light. Under-cabinet light fixtures will get rid of shadows and spread light evenly throughout your kitchen, bathroom or home bar. Additionally, if you have stone countertops, LED lights will shimmer on the surface.

3. Use Less Energy
LED light bulbs are notoriously energy-efficient. Their lifespan lasts significantly longer than compact florescent and incandescent light bulbs. You'll have to worry even less about replacing your under-cabinet light bulbs with LEDs while saving money on your electric bill by reducing energy waste.

4. Spread the Light
With certain overhead fixtures, it can be difficult to spread the light evenly throughout your room or across your countertops. Under-cabinet lighting is an easy way to spread light across the room without creating too bright of an area. Depending on which areas of your countertop you want to shine, you can strategically place the bulbs easily and evenly to give the most light across your whole kitchen's countertop.

5. Increase the Value of Your Home
LED under-cabinet light fixtures are a great way to increase the value of your home. The lighting fixtures present potential buyers with another lighting option in the kitchen. Also, it creates a way for you to make your home seem unique. LED under-cabinet lights will definitely impress your guests or those interested in buying your home.

6. Create a Cooler Work Area
Even though LED light bulbs fall higher on the Kelvin scale, which gives LEDs their unique white and bluish glow, they actually let off very little heat when compared to other light bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs actually burn at extremely warm temperatures, which could pose risks for your home. Instead, LEDs will provide longevity and a cool work space for you to cook and prepare food.

7. Install Easily
Most homeowners can install LED under-cabinet light fixtures within a few hours. There's no reason to worry about an extensive home improvement project when you can easily add LED under-cabinet lights to your house.

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