Boost your property value with the right lighting

The lighting on this patio  perfectly complements the home's modern architecture - Nora Lighting.
The lighting on this patio perfectly complements the home's modern architecture - Nora Lighting

The lighting design in your home could have a profound effect on the property’s appeal to potential buyers.

While this may seem surprising, something as simple as the right lighting can improve both the value and attractiveness of your home.

How interior lighting impacts property value

Homes with outdated light fixtures or ones that are falling apart will, not surprisingly, be less appealing to buyers. When buyers walk through a home and see dated fixtures, what they really see is more renovation costs. New home buyers are typically stressed enough with the idea of saving for a down payment, anticipating closing costs and making monthly mortgage payments, the prospect of moving in and immediately having to begin renovations can be too much to handle. Updating your home’s lighting will give them one less thing to worry about and make them more willing to extend an offer – and one at list price.

Because energy efficiency has become so highly valued in recent years, it will be beneficial to make sure all of the lighting in your home is compatible with LEDs. Fluorescent tube lighting may still be a fixture in some older homes, and while it is in fact energy efficient, it can be an eyesore. Removing that tube lighting and replacing it with an LED fixture is bound to make your home easier to sell. A well-lit home can also appear larger, cleaner and newer than it actually is, so make sure to add lighting to any dark or shadowed areas as well.

Exterior lighting and your property value

Landscape lighting may be one of the most important types of lighting to increase your property value. Landscape lighting not only improves your home’s curb appeal, but it also makes the home feel safer and more secure. If you have any potential buyers coming to see your home at night, you certainly don’t want them driving up to a dark and gloomy exterior. Landscape lighting can make your home feel warm and welcoming from the moment visitors pull into the driveway.

Landscape lighting also improves the safety of your home by reducing the threat of burglars and making the prospect of walking to the door alone at night less intimidating. Buyers value outdoor lighting and will appreciate if you have already taken the time to install it.

Working with an ALA-member showroom is the best way to ensure you get the return on your investment in your home’s lighting. Also, a trained expert can help make sure the fixtures you’re choosing best fit the space and appeal to the greatest number of buyers.

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