Beginners Guide on How To Light Your Home Water Garden or Pond

Lighting your home water garden needs the right LED light bulbs and  the appropriate positions for fixtures. Image courtesy of Kichler.
Lighting your home water garden needs the right LED light bulbs and the appropriate positions for fixtures. Image courtesy of Kichler.

Adding a handmade water garden or small fishpond around your home can give your landscaping an exotic appeal. Even those with limited spaces can craft a beautiful scenic water garden in their lawn.

What truly makes a water garden or pond stand out is how it's lit at night. Guests will be intrigued by your illuminated water show during late-night barbecues or dinner parties. However, you first have to know what lighting to choose when building your water garden.

Use LED Lights
First, you need to empty your pond or water garden before you try to install any lighting equipment. Next, you'll want to choose an LED underwater lighting source to illuminate your pond.

LED light bulbs for water gardens are perfect sources of lighting because they are cost-effective by being energy-efficient and last much longer than any other light bulb on the market.

Choose Your Lighting Locations
The best lighting positions for your water garden are where water either cascades or where the waterfall (if you have one) meets with the pond. Also, you can add lighting behind your waterfall to give it a warm and shimmering glow.

You want to highlight the landscaping around the pond as well so the entire structure is lit up. Make sure your light sources point toward the pond to highlight the water features. Pointing them elsewhere could make it difficult to see the water garden at night with bright lights shining in your eyes.

Choose Your Light Color
LED light bulbs work off the Kelvin scale, which means the higher the LED bulb you choose falls on the Kelvin scale, the closer to a blue hue you will see. However, bulbs lower on the scale tend to glow with a more yellow tone. Lights going at the base of your pond should typically be higher hues of blue to reflect on the water. This creates a magical aesthetic to the pond's water, while warmer, orange or yellow glowing bulbs will highlight rocks and plants more effectively. Play with your color options to appropriately light each part of your water garden.

Don't Use Too Many Underwater Lights
If you have anything in the pond such as Koi fish, you do not want to overlight the pond water. This will make it hard to see the fish at night and put too much attention on the pond water. Instead, use accent lighting on the water garden's surrounding structure. This will let the light bleed into the pond instead of coming directly from it.

Visit your local ALA showroom or go online to to learn more about all your outdoor lighting options.

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