Are You Using the Right Light Fixture?

Your home lighting design depends on each type of fixture. Image courtesy of Hubbell Lighting.
Your home lighting design depends on each type of fixture. Image courtesy of Hubbell Lighting.

When you're decorating your home, you cannot only think about the furniture, rugs and artwork, but also your lighting design. A problem some homeowners have with their design is they don't know how to choose the right light fixture to match a specific space in their home.

If you're looking for lighting basics and how to choose the appropriate fixture, you've come to the right place. Here are some introductory lighting design tips toward choosing the right fixture:

Recessed Fixtures in Your Kitchen
Nowadays, kitchens are often designed to feature recessed lighting fixtures. These devices are typically installed in the ceiling and spread out over a room to give plenty of ambient lighting. Their cylindrical shape uses metallic colors on the fixture, such as gold or chrome, to boost the warm light level. This also provides you with a small amount of task lighting, since the fixture tends to throw the light downward from the ceiling.

Overhead Light Fixtures
Slightly different from recessed lighting fixtures, overhead lights are not built into the ceiling, but hang down from it. Overhead fixtures are perfect for entryways, dining rooms, living rooms and even bedrooms.

These types of fixtures range from pendants to chandeliers. Their main purpose is to provide enough ambient lighting while retaining an elegant flare. You also don't have to stick to just one overhead light for one room. Hallways and entryways are great areas of your home to line pendant light fixtures down your ceiling. This creates a majestic aesthetic and also provides you with plenty of artificial light.

Sconces and Accent Light Fixtures
There may be some areas of your home you want to be the featured. These provide the perfect opportunity to use accent light fixtures. Both wall and sconce lights do their best to highlight artwork, fireplaces and specific architectural designs in your home.

Generally, these light fixtures create warm tones and should use either halogen, xenon or krypton light bulbs. However, decorative LED fixtures are becoming increasingly common and are another good option.

Table Lamps and Light Fixtures
With table lamps, you can get creative where you want to place these fixtures to provide the best light and aesthetic to your home. Table lamps are great in pairs and can give any living room the appropriate look and light design with the other lights in the room.

Additionally, table lamps are almost a must-have for bedrooms, but if you want to ditch the need for a lamp on your nightstand, you should consider swing arm lamps that are connected to the wall. Swing arm lamps give you adjustable light designs for whatever room needs specific task lighting. Swing lamps can be stationary or connected to the wall, giving you even more options.

Visit your local ALA showroom or go online to to learn more about all the different light fixture options for your home.

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