Anticipating Lighting Design Trends for 2015

What's next in the world of lighting design trends? Image courtesy of Elk Lighting.
What's next in the world of lighting design trends? Image courtesy of Elk Lighting.

If you want to make sure your home is on the cutting edge of lighting design, it can pay to stay up to date on what designers and homeowners alike are doing with lighting fixtures.

Here are some lighting trends to keep in mind for 2015:

Smart Lighting Only Getting Smarter
According to global information company IHS Technology, one trend to be on the lookout for is growth in cloud-based smart lighting.

"The market for cloud-based smart lighting is unlikely to gain market share in 2015, because public knowledge of companies offering solutions remains limited; however, increased marketing of cloud-based smart lighting could gain mindshare in 2015, positioning the market for future growth," the organization said in a statement.

What does smart lighting mean for you? It all comes back to control. Using advanced lighting fixtures and devices like smartphones, you can remotely control your home's lighting with the push of a button. Imagine being able to dim your lights for the perfect ambience for a party using a smart device. With smart lighting, this is a reality, not a dream.

LED Lighting Continues to Progress
The same statement from IHS also spotlighted advances in LED light bulb design.

"LED filament lamps, which combine the benefits of LED lamps with the familiar design of incandescent bulbs beloved by traditionalists, are now starting to match other LED offerings, in terms of efficiency, price and color-rendering capabilities," IHS said.

As technology continues to progress, it will only become more difficult to ignore the benefits associated with LED lighting, from energy and money savings to style.

Hanging in Your Home
Another trend various industry insiders are talking about for 2015 involves hanging lights – from pendants to chandeliers.

Both bowl and drum pendant lights appear to be popular, as are multi-light pendants. Meanwhile, people tend to be gravitating toward more contemporary styles of chandeliers, like mini-chandeliers that won't take up too much space in a smaller home, such as a studio apartment.

Then again, more classic, ornate chandeliers also remain popular. For people who want an eye-catching lighting fixture in their home, these are still a standard purchase.

Work with a Designer to Bring Trends to Life
If you're looking to dive into any of these trends or start some of your own, it pays to work with experienced professionals who can help you put your lighting design plans into action.

Visit your local ALA showroom or go online to to learn more about lighting design fundamentals and to receive expert guidance from trained professionals.


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