Add the ‘Final Touch’ to Your Home Lighting Design

Adding the finishing touches on your home interior design can be difficult. Image courtesy of WAC Lighting.
Adding the finishing touches on your home interior design can be difficult. Image courtesy of WAC Lighting.

When you think about your home's interior design, you don't want to just add a single lamp or one piece of artwork and call it day. Instead, you try to add as many things into your home without going overboard.

However, getting to this point in your home design can be tricky. It takes a balancing act of knowing what your room needs. Some rooms seem too bare, while other areas of your home feel cluttered with home decor items. To fix this just the right way, people tend to refer to the "final touch" in home design, and it's not easy to know how to complete your room without a little help

Here are a few ways you can give your room the final touch with your home lighting design:

1. Think About Your Accent Lighting
Sometimes you can fill a room full of beautiful artwork and furniture and still have an empty feeling to the space. Before you spend an eternity removing or adding pieces at a time to see what works best, try considering how accent lighting in the room can change your overall aesthetic.

For example, your living room could be completely furnished and have a beautiful design, complete with rugs, sofas and a decorative chandelier light fixture. However, you might not get the full effect of the room's design with just an overhead hanging light fixture.

Try to add accent lighting around artwork, fireplaces or even relatively bare walls to give your room more warmth and fulfillment. Accent lighting could be the one thing you're missing to get the final touch on your home design.

2. Add Decorative Mirrors
Another problem you might run into by attempting to spread things around is too much artificial light. If you begin to add more lamps, recessed lights, hanging fixtures and accent lighting, you can bombard yourself and your guests with excess artificial light.

Instead, try to see how a decorative mirror could help give your room that feeling of additional space. At the same time, mirrors work great to bounce artificial and natural light around your home. This could spread out your lighting design more efficiently without adding too many fixtures in a single room.

3. Try to Go Subtle
This might be the hardest tip, but sometimes going subtle with the additions to your home's lighting design is the easiest way to get the final touch. There are several types of light fixtures available that can give your bedroom, bathroom, or living room that polished feeling.

When you think about bedroom designs, your bed is the focal point of the room, but subtle décor can transform your space. Adding a small vintage or rustic-styled light fixture could give your room a complete feeling without going nuts on new furniture purchases. Rustic themes are already simplistic, but their uniqueness and singular design give you plenty to showcase in a room.

Visit your local ALA showroom or go online to to learn more about home lighting designs.

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