5 Tips on How to Highlight Your Home When It’s For Sale

Selling your house could be easier with better lighting options to highlight positives of your home.
Selling your house could be easier with better lighting options to highlight positives of your home.

Selling your home in today's market can be a difficult task. Homes are being sold at lower volumes, but if you plan to sell your home for the best value, you need to highlight its strengths.

Here are five tips on how to highlight your home when it's for sale:

1. Declutter Your Home
The first step you want to take to improve the value of your home is to remove all the excess clutter. A messy home can seem daunting to prospective buyers. Instead, you want to create an open and inviting environment.

Your entire goal is get buyers to fall in love with your home and to help them imagine how their things will fit in the house. If there's too much clutter, it's harder for buyers to see their own future in the home.

2. Keep the Outdoor Space Clean and Tidy
The outside of your home needs just as much attention as the inside. To get your home looking its best you should trim branches, rake leaves, keep the lawn mowed and remove any newspapers or debris from your porch.

Additionally, you want to ensure the exterior of your home is well-lit. Adding exterior lighting fixtures on the corners of your home and along the walkway or driveway can make your house seem engaging and magical. In the evening and at night, an illuminated home will stand out among the rest of the houses.

Also, many prospective buyers may drive by the home to help them make a decision. You should always be prepared to highlight your home even when you aren't showing it to prospective buyers.

3. Boost Your Entryway
Entryways are among the most impressionable areas where prospective buyers will determine if they like your home or not. By creating a delightful entryway, buyers are immediately interested in the idea of your home. If you can. use an overhead lighting fixture to highlight the entryway.

When possible, use accent lighting on the walls into your home. This will give a grander appearance while prospective buyers take their first steps into your home.

4. Highlight Your Art
The art in your home should be well-lit with accent lighting fixtures. This highlights the piece and draws eyes immediately to the artwork. While prospective buyers may want nothing to do with your art or to hang something in that specific spot, highlighting your own pieces is critical to making your home seem more enchanting.

Lighting can go a long way when selling your home, but you should always highlight your artwork to create a more inviting feeling.

5. Showcase Your Home As If It Isn't Yours
Homes tend to sell faster when they are depersonalized, Stateson Homes, a housing development company, stated. This means buyers tend to be hesitant when they see a room dedicated to animals or music equipment. Prospective buyers want to imagine their own personal room, which means you shouldn't highlight yourself too much. Try to take yourself out of the process and use dimming lights for areas you don't want to focus on in your home.

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