3 Unique Ways to Light Your Bathroom with Style

Your bathroom should be your own sanctuary. Image courtesy of Crystorama. http://www.crystorama.com/
Your bathroom should be your own sanctuary. Image courtesy of Crystorama. http://www.crystorama.com/

Your bathroom is the one area of your home where you can lock yourself inside, and have the privacy of your own room if needed. Bathrooms are like sanctuaries for certain people, and there's no reason you shouldn't put as much effort into this room as other areas of your home.

Your bathroom might seem like one of the most basic areas of your home to illuminate. However, you can easily transform your sanctuary into a place where you can use artificial light to actually benefit you.

Here are three unique ways to light your bathroom with style:

1. Don't Do the Standard 'Lights Above the Mirror' Theme
Many homeowners design or redesign their bathrooms by adding a gorgeous mirror. Typically, the standard or go-to theme is to add light fixtures above the mirror, giving you the task lighting to get ready in the morning or to brush your teeth or wash your face at night.

Randall Whitehead, a professional light designer, told Forbes that recessed lighting and fixtures above the mirror are poor ways to make use of artificial light.

"That would throw a strong light onto your forehead and cast deep shadows below your eyes, nose and chin," said Whitehead. "Not only is this light ineffective for shaving or applying makeup, it can visually age you by 10 years. People should look their best when they look at their reflection."

2. Add a Stylish Chandelier
When most people think of a chandelier, they think of entryways or dining room halls. On the other hand, no one said you couldn't add this same elegance to your bathroom. According to Hortons Home blog, you will make a statement with your bathroom design by choosing to add a chandelier.

You don't necessarily have to go all out with your chandelier, but there are many hanging light fixture designs available that can give the same aesthetic as an expensive chandelier. By adding a hanging light fixture, you are setting a bold and unique appeal to your bathroom without investing in too many décor changes.

3. Implement Light Dimmers
Typically, light dimmers are ideal for areas of your home such as bedrooms, living rooms and even the kitchen. One place many people tend to avoid implementing light dimmers is the bathroom.

While the bathroom typically needs plenty of artificial light for morning and before-bed tasks, it should also keep that sanctuary theme relevant throughout your lighting design, This Old House recommended. In fact, light dimmers give you both options, whether it's maximum artificial light or dimmed, low-light looks.

Dimmers can help you relax when taking a long soak in the tub, or they can be dimly lit for guests to find your bathroom when you have people over at your house. The bathroom is an area where you can take a lot of chances with your home lighting and make it stand out among the rest of your home's rooms.

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